Personal Skills and Teamwork reflections

After reading and watching the relevant materials, there were ideas that I learned, and others that were confirmed.  In relation to being able to succeed personally as an online student, beyond the obvious technical necessities, I learned that time management was a huge key to many students’ success. Self-motivation seemed to be another of those “absolutes” needed for the online track, which is something I was expecting. Thankfully, these are not skills that scare me, rather make me feel more secure in knowing that if I implement these ideas, than I can succeed in this learning environment.

As far as overcoming the “monster” of working in teams, as so perfectly put by Enid Irwin, I definitely feel more confident in that ability than I did before. Dr. Haycock mentioned the idea of horizontal and vertical teamwork. It seems that working on teams in upcoming assignments, will be both types – horizontal in the sense that we are all SLIS students in a masters program, and vertical in the sense that we all have different strengths and abilities to contribute in creating a better result. This was very encouraging to me, and gave me a little bit of that enthusiasm Enid Irwin was discussing.

Additionally, it seems attitude will be a big player in successful teams. This is something I was counting on. Being open and honest in discussions, endeavoring to create an atmosphere of equality and teamwork, and knowing we are all in the same boat with similar fears; I believe will allow for an easier time at successful team assignments. I also liked Dr. Haycock’s concept of being “self-aware”, in other words knowing our individual strengths and weaknesses that will help us overcome the inevitable team conflicts. That seems to be the best way to implement our strongest personal skills and somehow squash our week ones, and eventually make teamwork successful!


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