Hello, 246 class!

Hi, I’m stay-at-home mother and now a full-time student at the SLIS program. I have three adorable kids, who are presently supposed to be in bed but are masters at the art of procrastination. Presently, my 9-year-old daughter is listening through the bathroom door to my 6-year-old son playing heroes and villains in the shower. How do I know this? Because I get reports from her every minute, accompanied by spurts of laughter. Then, I have my two-year old daughter precociously yelling up to my son to come out of the shower already. How she knows such a complicated directive is beyond me. So, here I am at the blog posting instruction, endeavoring to give you a little understanding of myself.

My previous posts were part of an assignment from 203, therefore please disregard any irrelevancy! I’m hoping to get a great feel for Web 2.0, as I believe it to be a great boon to libraries. Though I’m pretty computer savvy, I know that I have a lot to learn about background concepts to social networking, and the Web 2.0 as a whole. I’ve dabbled in most areas of the internet, but am not proficient – something I’m hoping to correct with this class. Then, with my new found knowledge, I hope to understand how Web 2.0 can be useful for libraries.


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