Social Software Reflections

Social software is a real phenomenon that I’m slowly appreciating for its intricate and possibly unappreciated values. The article on how blogging can be a unique and effective marketing tool gave me an inspiration for my mother, who is starting out with her own business. (See article: King, R. (2007, August/September). “Make Some Noise: How 2.0 tools can help you communicate with customers more effectively.” BusinessWeek.) My mother’s initial step was to hire a web designer to create an informative and user-friendly website. After much effort, a beautiful website was created. However, she has found that attracting visitors can be difficult, as her site is essentially a static one. After reading the aforementioned article, I thought that a blog would be an effective method in attracting customers to her specialized business.

A little background may help in truly appreciating the value of this blog. My mother became an alcohol and drug abuse counselor, certified by the State of California, about three years ago. Her business concept is based on the idea that people would rather be counseled and assisted in the privacy of their own homes. Thus, was born. My mother is truly gifted in this area of counseling, and a blog giving advice every week or perhaps answering anonymous questions, could show the world that she has something amazing to offer. My idea was that once her blog is set up, she can post it onto her LinkedIn page, and her website, thereby attracting customers.

I’m finding Web 2.0 to be truly remarkable.