Riding a bike

How do you think blogging will contribute to your learning in this class?

Funny. Before reading the questions for the blog posts, I was actually considering the reasons for using blogging as a learning format for this class. One obvious aspect was the idea that “practice makes perfect”. This is a technology tools and applications class, after all. When learning something in the theoretical realm, even if it’s easy and simple to understand, to me it’s still just theoretical. However once applied in reality, it becomes solidified in my mind in addition to being comprehensive on many new levels. Furthermore, down the line when I need to retrieve that information I find it ten times easier. A simple example of this is riding a bicycle. In theory, riding a bike is pretty simple to understand. Sit on the seat, push-off with one foot, push the pedal down in a circular motion with the other foot, and – viola! However, when actually getting onto the real seat on the bicycle, well that really is another monster entirely. After learning the tricks of riding a bike, you are good to go. Everyone knows the popular concept that once you know how to ride a bike, you will never forget. Truly, ten years down the line try riding a bicycle again, and you’ll find that it comes naturally.

The second aspect that came to mind was that learning from other people’s thoughts on the same subject makes for a richer perspective and deeper understanding of the topic. I’ve subscribed to everyone’s posts in the class, and am gaining a tremendous amount of insights into ideas that I would have never come up with on my own. Additionally, more information is covered and researched by a group of people, and thereby we each glean a little bit more knowledge than we would have otherwise done alone. I found that the exercises are a perfect example of this second idea. Lastly, there is a learning curve to anything new. Well, blogging is brand new to me, and I’m finding that viewing other classmates posts, blogs, and page set-ups, is extremely useful. What I’m ultimately saying is that this is kind of like the ‘two heads are better than one’ axiom. All in all, blog posts is a strong and superior learning method.